OTT platforms entertaining movie lovers during this lockdown period, as the theatres closed now. Many OTT platforms came online to serve the audience to watch movies online. It’s also facilitating children to watch cartoon movies online. The aha platform is different from all OTTs. It came with exclusive Telugu movies. Lots of Telugu popular movies and masterpieces come in to place in Aha movies. It also added children category films, which are mythological animated films and adventurous films.


Animated mythological fictions contain an excellent time for kids. They have components of undertakings, deceives, and spells, and they likewise show a few ethics to the kids who watch the film. Regardless of what several ethical standards are instructed to kids, they won’t tune in.

Even though, if they are encouraged the standards of morals through the motion pictures they like, they will realize what’s right and what’s wrong. Just as solidarity, self-confidence is educated through animated films. In this way, animated comic movies should be shown to kids.

‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ is an Indian animated film that includes the elements desired for kids.

Characters: Gopi and Raju, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka and Rosauro B. Adorable

Production Company: Green Gold Animations banner

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 1 hour and 1 minute

Year of Release: 2015


‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ is the 23rd sequel of the successful series ‘Mighty Raju’. The film came in 2015 under the direction of Rajiv Chilaka jointly with Rosauro B. Adorable. Rajiv Chilaka directed the mega-hit animated series of ChhotaBheem.

The children go for a games camp to Leh, Ladakh. Driven by Dolma, Raju and companions journey up to the edges of the snow-topped mountains and run into certain lamas. Hearing that something many refer to as the Ratufan has frightened the lamas, Dolma surges the children back to the campground.

Highlights film ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty:

Rajiv Chilaka filled the film with fantastic action scenes. The snow mountain scenes and characterization of Gopi and Raju are lovely.

His wonderful presentation

The film is wonderfully crafted with a combination of various elements that children will love throughout. Rajiv Chilaka has shot this film in a significant way in previous films. Each character in the film is used as needed. He designed and performed stunning stunts with the lead roles and immersed the audience in the story. The gripping screenplay made the movie story rather than feel bored. Apart from the story has tricks and spells, which elements most love the children filmed was excellent. The adventures on snow mountain by the lead roles are tremendously showed in the film.

The music director provided the background music for Terrible. His background music enlivens the adventures and battles in the film. Green Gold Animations Inc’s production values ​​are fantastic.Click here to watch animation movies online.

Finally:  ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ is a must watchable animated film to kids.