After you have chosen the keywords you want to use in your YouTube video, optimize them carefully. Place the keyword correctly if you want more YouTube views. It’s all about the placement of your keyword. You will quickly see amazing results. Make sure you use the most relevant keywords in your H1 titles. These keywords should also appear in the description and video tags. These are the most important places that will be able to suggest major search engines about your video content.

You can get a higher page ranking for your video by using the most relevant keywords. Match the keywords to your video with maximum care. You shouldn’t overuse keywords. This is a great tip if you want more YouTube views. This approach will increase the value of your videos on YouTube, and also make them more visible to major search engines.

Start by creating quality videos that you are proud of. Make sure you add a catchy title and a fun description to each video. The final step is to market yourself and watch your views grow. You can get more YouTube views in a variety of ways. And you don’t have to wait for months to start seeing the results check over here. The title of the video is crucial as it is what viewers will see first. Out of curiosity, we have clicked on videos with catchy titles. It is important to have catchy titles in order to get immediate views.

Your video will be live in the “new videos” category. You may start racking up views immediately, and hundreds within an hour with a good title. These icons are located right under the title and give a small preview of your video. If you have a very attractive (and sometimes sexy!) thumbnail, it can guarantee you major views. Many people will insert a thumbnail of a sexy woman or man in the middle of their video and use it as their thumbnail. The tactic has generated thousands of views. However, people are more likely to be disappointed when the thumbnail does not match the content.